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(Revised October 17, 2016)



Signs are allowed for the marketing of lots and homes for sale or lease in Mountain Springs Ranch. Guidelines are as follows:

Signs are to be 18” x 24” high


The Mountain Springs Ranch (MSR) logo, font and colors are required on the upper portion of the sign. The font is Arial Black and the colors can be lifted from the attached template. The lower portion of the sign will be in MSR blue with a MSR cream background.

  1. The following language may be used: For Sale, Available, By Owner, and For Lease.

  2. The agent name and phone number with area code must appear on the sign.

  3. The sign may also contain the real estate company name, logo, and additional contact information, such as a website.

  4. Handwritten information is not permitted.

  5. Riders are not permitted.

  6. Any additional or unique enhancements must have approval prior to display.


A black metal frame installed in the ground must be used to support the 18” x 24” sign.

  1. Signs must be of ¼” corrugated plastic or metal.


  1. Signs must be placed at least 10’ from the front property line and 25’ from the lot sideline.

Additional Requirements

  1. A sign must be installed within 14 days from notification to the agent of any non-conforming sign. The signs must be removed within 14 days of sale or occupancy of the property.

  2. The sign must be maintained in good condition.

  3. Any sign not meeting MSR guidelines, weathered or damaged signs, or those not properly installed may be removed by the MSR Sign Committee.

  4. Open House signs are allowed on the day of an open house. Signs may be placed

    at the entrances and along a route to the property. They must be removed as soon as

    the house is closed for showing

Additional Information

 For your sign maker, the Sign Committee recommends NB Signs & Design in New Braunfels (830-627-9120) – Email: You may use another sign maker, but Mountain Springs Ranch has paid the design fee with NB Signs and you may be required to pay a design or set up fee to another sign maker.  If you use another sign maker, please provide the sign maker with our template, which is supplied with these guidelines.

  1. Sign costs if made by NB Signs (as of 10-1-2016).

    18” x 24” - double sided ¼ corrugated plastic sign - $31.15.

    18” x 24” - double sided metal sign - $41.

    18” x 24” - metal frame – $30.

    These guidelines are based on requirements as described in the MSRPOA Architectural

    Site Design Guidelines, sections 4.2 and 11.2. The Guidelines can be accessed via the MSRPOA website. Please direct all questions regarding signs to the Sign Committee via, Attn: Sign Committee.

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