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This section includes other useful Information and links for our community.

Mail Delivery

Delivery is made Monday through Saturday. Boxes are assigned by the Canyon Lake Post Office in Sattler. Please call (830) 964-4100 to establish mail delivery for your residence. The zip code for our area is 78133.

Garbage Services and Recycling

Two companies are currently providing trash removal services for homes in Mountain Springs Ranch. You may contract with either service. To set up service, you should contact a service provider at least six weeks before you plan to move in.  Both companies offer recycling for residents of Mountain Springs Ranch.


Tiger Sanitation

And, while we are on the subject, please remember Mountain Springs Ranch Covenants Section 10.12 states "All garbage cans shall be located or screened so as to be concealed from view of neighboring streets and property."


Pedernales Electric Cooperative   (888) 554-4732
New Braunfels Utilities   (830) 629-8400
Canyon Lake Water Supply   (830) 964-5122 or 964-2166
Guadalupe Valley Telephone Coop, Inc.   (830) 885 4411 or 885-4050
Guadalupe Gas Company   (800) 221-4593 or (830) 606-1877

Fire and EMS

Fire fighting and EMS service is provided by the Emergency Services District #4 Bulverde Spring Branch Fire Rescue.  For non-emergency  service, please call (830) 228-4501. Mountain Springs Ranch residents are encouraged to contact the Emergency Services District  to secure the blue and white property markers that identify your property in an emergency.  FOR ALL EMERGENCY SERVICES, DIAL 911

Law Enforcement

Comal County Sheriff's Department provides public law enforcement service. For non-emergency service, please call (830) 885-4883 or 620-3400. FOR ALL EMERGENCY SERVICES, DIAL 911

EMS Ambulance service is provided by Emergency Services District #4 Spring Branch Fire Rescue . FOR ALL EMERGENCY SERVICES, DIAL 911


The discharge of firearms in Mountain Springs Ranch is prohibited by our covenants.  The term "firearms" includes without limitation "B-B" guns, pellet guns, and firearms of all types.


Sign guidelines as described in the Mountain Springs Ranch Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions will be enforced. Please inform your contractor or supplier that any other signs are prohibited and will be removed.

Campers, Trucks, Boats and Recreational Vehicles

Campers, trucks, boats, trailers and recreational vehicles may not be kept on any Lot unless they are fully enclosed within the garage located on such Lot.


Pets may not be allowed to run loose. If you walk your animals in the common areas, please pick up any pet waste and dispose of it properly.  Pets are not allowed inside the fence at the pool complex.


Recyclables may be taken to the Comal County Recycling Center at 4755 State Hwy 46 Tuesday through Saturday or at one of the portable locations at designated times during the week. For recycling guidelines and hours of operation, visit the Comal County Website or call 830-620-1394.

/these companies offer recycling to their customers in Mountain Springs Ranch for a small additional fee.  Please contact them directly if you wish to use this service.


Tiger Sanitation

Area Services List

Please Note: The "Area Services List" is distributed as a service to Mountain Springs Ranch property owners.  The Mountain Springs Ranch POA does not guarantee, warrant, nor has it judged, the merits of the listed contractors or the quality of work that they perform.

The Area Services List is Being Updated at This Time.  Check Back Later.

Area Doctors and Clinics

Please Note:  this list is distributed as a service to Mountain Springs Ranch property owners.  The Mountain Springs Ranch POA does not guarantee, warrant, nor has it judged, the merits of the listed doctors and facilities, or the quality of the care delivered.

This List is being updated at this time.  Please check back later.

Other Helpful Websites and Numbers

Comal County Website    
City Of Bulverde Website    
Animal Control -  Comal County   (830) 885-4883
Humane Society   (830) 438-7387
Bulverde Animal Shelter   (830) 980-2247
Bulverde/Spring Branch Chamber of Commerce   (830) 438-4285
Mammen Family Public Library   (830) 438-3666
Bulverde Community News   (830) 980-3336

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