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Feral Hog Committee Update:

Want to learn more about feral hogs and what they can do (if you have not had the pleasure of a visit already)?

See what the folks at The Discovery Channel have put together:

Pig Bomb: Pig Population Control

Pig Bomb: The Ruinous Pig

Pig Bomb: Hog Hunting

Pig Bomb: Unpicky Pigs

February 2011

The Board of Directors has coordinated with the Feral Hog Committee and adopted the committees recommendations to manage feral hog population as a community-wide challenge over the long term.

The Feral Hog Committee - Recommendations for the Management of Feral Hogs in Mountain Springs Ranch can be found here.

Based upon discussions with neighbors, the vibrant response from the January 2011 Board Meeting, and subsequent feedback from numerous residents, it is clearly understood that communications to the community is a key component of any hog management plan or activity.

To address this concern, the Board has prepared a Feral Hog Management Communication Policy, the draft policy can be found here. We welcome the feedback of our neighbors in addressing these challenges.

Beyond the planned trap and routine management activities, there are NO targeted management efforts scheduled at this time.

Please continue to stay abreast of the Association's hog management plans and activities by visiting this website.

November 2010

At the 22 November 2010 MSRPOA-BOD meeting Leon Kyrish, Chairperson for the MSRPOA Feral Hog Committee championed a presentation by Mr. John Calentine of the U.S. Dept of Agriculture (USDA) regarding John€™s experiences, and the USDA€™s efforts, to deal with the onslaught of the feral hogs in and around TX. Several ideas were discussed at that time and additional research was required for MSRPOA specific needs.

Since that meeting, Leon and Travis Jobson, and other MSR residents have been developing options for MSR. Some of these options include expert support from the Comal County Extension Center spokesperson Glenn Averitt; Professional Dog Runners and outfitters -Tony Wheeler & Rich Hodges; Comal County Deputy Sheriff Poindexter; as well as other outdoors persons from MSR.

The Feral Hog Committee is focused on developing a cohesive plan that will carefully consider the neighborhood SAFETY needs for everyone in the community while attempting to eradicate the hogs from our community. A community wide plan of action is forthcoming, it does take some time and effort to ensure we are addressing all the needs, resources, and liabilities with due diligence. We understand it is frustrating and this has been a growing problem over quite some time, it will take a bit more time to ensure we have a workable and safe solution to addressing the hogs. Rest assured that there has been a great deal of energy and attention given to this problem by several individuals and neighbors, and a lot of positive developments have been made since the meeting on the November 22nd.

Until we get this €œHog Plan€ finalized and out to the community, we request your patience with these irritating hogs. Before you take your own actions to protect your property please review the MSRPOA DCCR€™s paragraph 4.12 (Management of Wildlife) and paragraph 10.14 (Guns).

If you are interested in being involved in this MSRPOA Action Plan, with the Feral Hog Committee, please contact Leon Kyrish or Travis Jobson. You may contact Leon and Travis through the MSRPOA website (, go to link for Committees > Feral Hog Containment > and the link to contact the committee.

Respectfully submitted

MSRPOA Board of Directors


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