Thursday, 02 July 2020

NATURE PRESERVE  REMINDERMotorized vehicles are not allowed in the Nature Preserve.  Signs are posted at entrances.

The Nature Preserve is available to Mountain Springs Ranch residents from sunrise to sunset.  Please help us keep the trails in good shape and clean up after your pets . In addition to the main walking trail, you may also enjoy hiking the Possomberry, Braveheart or West Pond Loop Trails.  Swimming is not allowed in the ponds in the Nature Preserve.

COMAL COUNTY BURN BAN ON   The Comal County Burn Ban is on.   For additional  information about restricted outdoor burning regulations, please contact the Comal County Fire Marshal or log-on to   Before any outdoor burning in Mountain Springs Ranch, please visit the Fire Marshall's website for restrictions and information. With the closeness of homes in Mountain Springs Ranch, it is unlikely you will be permitted to burn brush on your lot.  Alternatives are chipping or haul away.

 MOUNTAIN SPRINGS RANCH POOL COMPLEX - The Mountain Springs Ranch Pool Complex is open·year-round for your use and enjoyment.· Summer Hours are 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. daily April 1 - October 31. Winter Hours (7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.) are in effect from November 1 to March 31. Common Area Use Waiver, the Recreational Facilities Handbook and the Sports Pool Reservation Form are available in Docs & Forms on the MSRPOA website.   PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE FENCE AT THE POOL COMPLEX OR IN THE POOLS .


TRAILERS, RVS, CAMPERS, MOTOR HOMES, BOATS AND OTHER EQUIPMENT  The Mountain Springs Ranch Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions specifically prohibits trailers, RVs, campers, motor homes, boats, other equipment from being stored in drives or on properties.  All of these must be stored in garages or removed from the property. There are a number of commercial storage sites near Mountain Springs Ranch that many of our neighbors are using to store the extras that will not fit in their garages.· Violation of these covenants is subject to fines.  As neighbors we hope to continue to keep the standards set forth by the original developers.· In maintaining those standards, we help assure the value of our properties· The Association recognizes that our neighbors have ongoing projects and from time to time it is necessary to have such equipment on the property.· If the equipment is needed for more than 2 consecutive weeks, please contact the Association at with that information to avoid being in violation of the covenants.· Extensions of time are determined on a case by case basis.

WILDLIFE AT MOUNTAIN SPRINGS RANCH - There have been no current reported incidents of feral hog activity in Mountain Springs Ranch but we remain aware of the community-wide challenge presented by Feral Hogs..  Please notify the Board of Directors at if you experience hog damage at your property.   When there is feral hog activity at Mountain Springs Ranch, we respectfully ask that all owners with deer feeders, or similar contraptions, please stop feeding our wildlife. ·We are hopeful this will lure the hogs to the preserve where the hog trap is in place.

RESIDENTS:  If you are walking in the Nature Preserve and see the hog trap door is down, the probability of having something in the trap is high.  Please stay away from the trap.

Please click·here to read more information about challenges with feral hogs.

REMINDER:  PET CONTROL - Pets are addressed in Section 10.7 of the Architectural and Site Design Guidelines (ASDGs).   With feral hogs, deer, racoons, armadillos and other wildlife around Mountain Springs Ranch, domestic dogs, cats, and other pets should not be part of our daily wildlife challenges.·  PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE FENCE AT THE POOL COMPLEX OR IN THE POOLS AND PET OWNERS MUST CLEAN UP AFTER THEIR PETS.

ADDED INFORMATION FOR PROPERTY OWNERS - (Property Owners must log-in to access the  information in the Property Owners Section.)  The Property Owners section of this website is available only to Registered  Mountain Springs Ranch Property Owners.  The MSRPOA Finance Policy, Financial Statements, Reserve Study, and Budgets are available in the Property Owners Section under Financial Information.  Board of Directors meeting minutes are also available in the Property Owners Section. 

Only One Website Registration per property is allowed  but we can add additional emails to receive newsletters from the Association.·If you wish to add an additional email to the newsletter distribution list, send an email to with your request.

Mountain Springs Ranch residents are eligible to apply for memberships in AirLIFE AIR AMBULANCE SERVICE.    If you've previously joined Airlife, it may be time to renew your membership.

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