Saturday, 24 July 2021

Question:  Can I change my Username and Password?

Answer: You can change both your Username and Password. After you log on using your Username and Password, select Owner Profile, and Edit Update Your Profile. On "Edit Your Details", you can enter a new User Name, new Password, and any other information. You can even update Your Image by choosing one in the Image Gallery or uploading a photo.

Question: We own one lot. Can my husband and I each have our own Username?

Answer: Each lot can only have one Username.

Question: I am a Property Owner and I don't have an Owner Login ID. How do I get one?

Answer: On the Home page, under OWNER LOGIN, Click on Register. On the Registration panel, enter your information with a valid Email Address and then click on Register. An email will be sent to your Email Address asking you to confirm. After you confirm and the moderator has validated you as a MSR Property Owner, you will receive an email that your registration has been completed. These extra steps are necessary to ensure that only Property Owners are allowed to register for our website, use our bulletin boards and view other information restricted for use by property owners only.

Question: I am a Property Owner and want to use the pool complex. How do I get a card key?

Answer: On the Home page, locate the Recreational Facilities tab, and click on it. There is information about the pool  including the Mountain Springs Ranch Common Area Use Waiver. To get a new card key, please complete this waiver, scan and email it to or fax to 210-690-1125.   Once your card key has been activated, you will be notified and your card key will be sent to you or you may arrange to pick it up at the DAMC offices..  Please allow 2-3 business days for your request to be processed.

Question:  Who do I notify if my pool card key is lost or not working? 

Answer:  Please call Diamond Association Management & Consulting at 210-561-0606 or email

Question:  I am a Property Owner in a Gated Neighborhood and the gate is not working propertly, who do I contact?

Answer:  Please call Diamond Association Management & Consulting at 210-561-0606 or email


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