Thursday, 02 July 2020

The Landscape/Irrigation committee assists the Board of Directors in monitoring the irrigation systems and landscaping condition for Mountain Springs Ranch in the following areas:

  • Entrance at 311
  • Mailboxes near 311 Entrance
  • Entrance at Rebecca Creek Road
  • Pool Complex
  • Entrances to The Estates, The Hills, The Ridge, and The Vistas.

The POA has a contract with Premier Irrigation to maintain the irrigation systems.  Any changes will be coordinated through the Landscape & Irrigation Committee. When changes are requested, the Committee is responsible for verifying that they were made.  

The POA has a contract with Complete Care Lawn and Landscape to maintain the landscaped areas in our community.  Committee members are encouraged to make recommendations for changes to the landscaped areas.  Committee members are responsible for informing the Board when maintenance is needed e.g., ant control, weed control, top dressing, etc.  The Committee will be responsible for coordinating maintenance activities with the contractor.

Responsibilities and tasks include:

  • At the beginning of each season (Spring, Summer. Fall and Winter) check the irrigation system to verify that the program is set appropriately for season.

  • Review the programming monthly to be sure that the settings are appropriate.

  • Document the irrigation controller program settings.

  • Report any problems or concerns with the irrigation system to the Board.

  • Monitor landscape condition and report issues or make recommendations for landscape improvements to the Board

Questions, comments or suggestions should be emailed to the Landscape and Irrigation Committee at

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